Saturday, August 8, 2009

More to Decorate Than Ever

Who ever thinks about the fact that teachers have to decorate their classrooms prior to the beginning or school? In my new surroundings, it also means I have an office to decorate. Somewhere here I have pictures of a desk buried in textbooks and I will get it posted as soon as I can get it downloaded.

Who wonders about the families of teachers? I always did until I was taken home one day in fifth grade by my fourth grade teacher. Daddy had had a heart attack that morning and Mrs. Olson took me home to stay with her for the entire week. We stayed after school every day to clean the chalkboard and I prided myself in earning my keep by beating erasers. Every afternoon when we left school, she would drive me the 81 miles to see Daddy and Mom. We would have dinner with Mom in Fallon and then Mrs. Olson would drive us 'home' to her house in the teacherage. There's probably a law against that sort of thing nowadays. Nonetheless, I want to be like Mrs. Olson as I teach. My crazy little family supports that idea and the small SUV I have been keeping an eye out for has become a three-seater Dodge Durango so I can not only get up the driveway but take entire classes on field trips to Chattanooga. (My classes are SO small.)

Chuck and Britt have also volunteered to spend a part of today helping me finish my classroom and office so I can spend time putting together my seven syllabi and finish lesson plans. I think Mrs. Olson would be proud of them. I know I am.

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Becky said...

I would so be helping you decorate your classroom if I lived closer. Sounds like fun but also a lot of work. What a priviledge you had to have a super neat teacher. And you are right...there are probably all kinds of laws to prevent that now-a-days. Love you mom...thanks for all your encouragement on my blog! Love you even more for that, if possible! LOL!